Women in Defense Meeting, San Diego

Ania Kaminska, President and CEO of Worksters was excited to attend a live, in person meeting to discuss the latest news, development and plans for Women in Defense. A big thank you from the group to Booz Allen Hamilton for providing welcome refreshments. Ania Kaminska, recently nominated as a Director of Sponsorships, was pleased at the significant turn out in support of WID's mission.


The current political climate provides a much-needed boost to this important goal that reaches all aspects of gender parity but also fosters growth and support female talent from all levels.

We are committed to improving gender diversity in leadership teams. Teams that reflect gender balance produce better results. Among others, the International Monetary Fund, finds that women’s participation on bank and regulatory boards increases financial stability. Peace can be a function of strength; research demonstrates peace agreements in which women are active negotiators are more durable over time. WID believes it is mission critical, at a minimum, to foster the growth of women in the national security arena for these very reasons.


Women In Defense is the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Affiliate founded to engage, cultivate, and advance women in all aspects of national security. This empowerment organization provides its members a business environment for professional growth through its National and Chapter educational programs, awards and scholarships in collaborative Women-owned Small Businesses and DOD STEM initiatives. 


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