Modernize your legacy systems and transform your experiences


For government CIOs, the need to modernize is greater than ever. Thousands of legacy applications and systems need to be addressed. Government is slowly moving away from legacy systems that is keeping it away from being mobile, digital, web based and ready for the future. IT modernization increases productivity and security. It improves decision making, helps with on-budget project completion, or faster task completion.  During the next few years, the technologies associated with the digital wave - including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, cyberwarefare, robotics, and data analytics - will advance and amplify one another's impact. The overwhleming mountain of data generated by countless information sources increasingly requires capabilities such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies to appropriately process it, then convert it to knowledge and ultimately to wisdom for effective decisions. The human brain typically cannot adequately process in real time the amount of information needed for timely decisions, so automated tools are essential. 




Technology and Expertise to Support Your Vision


We help federal agencies embrace new technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics, and data analytics.  We are uniquely skilled to help you with your network modernization efforts and IT process automation. Worksters partners with industry-leading technology vendors such as Dell, EMC, VMware and others to solve your unique problems. Our expertise is supported by high levels of certifications from EMC, VMware, Cisco and others.  


Modernize data center technologies

Use technologies such as hyper-converged infrastructure, which is deployable in hours versus the weeks many legacy data center infrastructures have traditionally taken to deploy. 

Automate IT processes

Minimize man-made errors and delays. 

Reduce cost by having a reliable, highly automated, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-manage infrastructure.

Transform organizational dynamics

Leverage DevOps principles to release and iterate applications more frequently.

IT Transformation
IT Transformation enables speed, efficiency, scale, and cost-effectiveness—automating manual tasks and streamlining operations to free up resources and fuel digital transformation initiatives.
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